Along with Tekaats installative works, drawings form a further central group of works, although the measurements of the paper often go well beyond the usual formats. His largest work measures 3 xx 6 meters. Tekaat crosshatches enigmatic objects with pencil and colored pencil which often have a blocky and static character. These things have form and volume, but they do not betray real measurements or real weights. They create their own pictorial reality, lead a life of their own, and remain enigmatic and ambivalent. They are neither illustrations of familiar everyday occurrences, nor are they classic sculptors’ drawings that await transformation into third dimension. The things remain drawings and ideas. His drawings are abstract enough to prevent direct legibility, and concrete enough to allow the viewer access at the illustrative level. Not the fleeting, filigree line is at the foreground, but the painterly and sculptural. Areas sometimes seem hermetically sealed, sometimes lower-lying levels attain lucidity. A structure remains constantly recognizable. The drawings change their  appearance depending on the light and the viewer’s standpoint; the viewer is forced to move. The drawings approach the viewer laconically and humorously, nightmarishly and cheerfully, threateningly and playfully.

Vicent Surmont
Ralf Tekaat - 3 drawings

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at Re_surgo, Berlin March 2014